Pudding & Pie

By Srishti Soni Narula

While returning from work, I looked at this place and thought of giving it a try. As I entered, I really liked the decor. There were different shapes and sizes of mirrors on the wall, which looked quite beautiful. Further entering, I saw different varieties of cakes, pastries, breads and many more. As it was my first time here, so pastries were best to be tried. I ordered for a regular Black Forest, Chocolate Vanilla Duet Pastry and German Chocolate Cake slice. With these I also brought a tea cake. To my surprise, none of the things really made me satisfied. The pastries were a little dry and the flavor didn’t come out well. The chocolate vanilla duet was a little better than others because of its dual flavors. The tea cake was very sticky and tasted a little under cooked.


All I can say is the brand needs to work more in enhancing the best out of their variants.

Also, as suggested by them, will soon try their variety of cup cakes.


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