Non Veggies Paradise – Rajinder Ka Dhaba

By Srishti Soni Narula


I’ve grown up eating enormous varieties of Non Veg stuff from this place. It’s been more than two decades of me coming to this place. I’ve known about it since the time they served, chicken curry with different breads. But as the time evolved, so has this place. Beginning with a few dishes to a vast menu, the place can simply be termed as a ‘core non veg hub’, although it serves veg too but it isn’t that popular . With appropriate spices and a perfect blend of flavours, their intense menu proffers delightful delicacies that are simply irresistible. Ranging from the Seekh Kebabs to Galouti Kebabs, Chicken Tikka to Skewers, Mutton dishes to fish and prawns, one can never think of getting over it. Their incredible taste and pocket friendly prices attracts masses from different parts of the city.

image3 (3)
This place is best suited for both quick bites and casual dining. They also have a restaurant called Rajinder Xpress, but people often choose to eat in their cars or in the open, as per their own convenience. Especially for a die-hard non veggie like me, this place has it all. And, I’ll always keep coming to enjoy their irresistible menu.



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