We All Go Veg @ Shiv Sagar, Janpath

By Srishti Soni Narula


Food quality-4/5

Food quantity-3/5

Pricing-tag – Normal

It gets really tough to decide what to eat during the Navratras and becomes a tough choice especially when one is in CP. A similar situation arose on our recent visit to the place. Post discussing on several options we eventually landed up at Shiv Sagar. This is one of the places that’s strictly Vegetarian 365 days a year. And during these fests such restaurants are completely packed and one has to wait for their turn. We waited for nearly 20 minutes for our turn.

This place is not that big but decent to serve nearly 20-25 people at a time. We opted for South Indian dinner, so we ordered for Onion Rava Masala and the basic Masala Dosa. Both of them came served with 3 different kinds of chutneys. Onion Rava was crispy and finely prepared with appropriate ingredients whereas the Masala Dosa wasn’t properly filled. It hardly had a spoonful of the filling. On complaining this too the waiter, he brought us the filling separately in a small bowl, which was not at all appreciated. My husband was a still hungry so he ordered for Dal Makhni and Tandoori Roti. To my surprise, they tasted similar to a proper North Indian Restaurant.

The staff served somewhat in a haphazard manner. We had to repeat our orders almost twice/thrice to different servers. Apart from this the visit was a success and I would really come back and try out some other delicasies they offer.


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