Plumber – The Lounge




Food quality-4/5

Food quantity-3/5

Pricing-tag – Normal

An impromptu plan can come up anytime. This time it was family. It was a Sunday evening so most of the options were quite crowded. So we finally ended up at this newly opened lounge in Malviya Nagar, ‘Plumber’. Plumber is a themed restaurant at Malviya Nagar with a proper ambience depicting the same.

This place wasn’t busy much but was nearly 50% occupied and we being a group of nearly 10-12 people were given a bigger space on their 3rd floor. The floor had dim lights with a nice ambience and a DJ playing all the latest tracks.


We started by ordering Drinks along with starters such as Fire From the Ground (Shredded Potatoes coated with Corn flour and tossed with Honey) and veg spring rolls from the veg section whereas in the Non Veg section we called for Honey Pepper Chicken and Chicken Satay. Potatoes and spring rolls were properly cooked and so were the chicken items. Honey Pepper Chicken had a strong flavour of honey than pepper. So it tasted a little sweet. Moving on, we ordered for another set of starters that included Plumber Special Chicken, Singapore Chicken and Murg Zafrani Seekh. The seekh was the best amongst these 3. It had amazing flavors of different spices along with a strong essence. But the portion size wasn’t enough. On the other hand Plumber special chicken was also nice and had a great Punjabi mix of tangs in it.

Last but not the least, we finally ordered for our main course. We were a mix of veggies and non-veggies so we ordered proportionately. Chilly Garlic Noodles was almost everybody’s choice along with Veg Manchurian to pamper the veggies. Murg Nizami, Khasta Keema Gosht and Plumber Khaas E Murg was the other party’s demand. All the delicacies ordered were quite relishing but lacked quantity.

Overall the place was nice but a few drawbacks.

  1. The proportion size for some of the delicacies was less
  2. Service was a bit slow. If the place wasn’t crowded and then the service was slow, what would be the case when it gets completely packed?

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